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Orange Slice Chair in Orange

Orange Slice Chair in OrangeOrange Slice Chair in OrangeOrange Slice Chair in OrangeOrange Slice Chair in OrangeOrange Slice Chair in Orange

Orange Slice Chair in Orange

SKU: eddt-ch5083-t512
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Item Number: EDDT-CH5083-T512

Collection: Design Tree HOME

In 1958 Pierre Paulin became the designer for the furniture company Artifort. Pierre Paulin went on to design a series of sculptural chairs that were, in his words; simply functional, friendly, fun and colorful. The Easy Chair is such a chair, based on the 1960 design, the Orange Slice chair. Pierre Paulin designed the Orange Slice chair with two completely identical shells which sat on a chrome frame. The shells are designed to sit on a slant, this angle provides an amazingly comfortable seat that allows one to easily shift positions and always remain snugly content. As a testament to its incredible comfort and appealing design, the Orange Slice chair has been in constant production at Artifort since 1960.

These are reproduction items inspired by the original designs. Design Tree HOME follows strict adherences to the original design with regards to dimensions, frame construction, fabric pleating and materials. Making this significant design, an affordable luxury, built without any compromise to the original specifications and construction.

WDH: 33" x 31" x 29"

Seat Height: 18"

Color: Orange/Silver
Materials: Wool/Nylon/Stainless Steel