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Home Office Nooks for Small Spaces

April 8, 2020

8 Spots in your home to set up your office space right now!

Unless you’re living in your own mansion these days, extra living space might be hard to come by. With rent and mortgages on the rise, the amount of square footage we can comfortably afford is less and less. With this in mind, we thought we’d share a few clever spaces you might like to set up your own little work area.

When scrolling below, you’ll notice that most of the furniture selections serve as multi-functional pieces. Just because an item isn’t labeled as “office desk” or “office chair”, doesn’t mean it can’t be used for that exact purpose. In fact, when working in smaller spaces, we encourage the use of dining chairs, console tables and vanity tables because they can be easily incorporated into any living room setting, without feeling bulky or too detached from the space.

Console tables are a great choice since they allow for more wall space to be seen, which in turn, makes your room appear larger and less cluttered. Dining room chairs create the same illusion and can also be taken into the dining room when those extra guests show up for dinner.


The Double-Duty Night Stand

Behind-the-Sofa Console

The Sofa End Table

Tucked Away In The Closet

The Kitchen Nook

Below or Above The Stairs

Next To The Fireplace Or Media Wall

The Window Seat


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